Stanza G

Gee whiz, this is week 7!
I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us
in Psalm 119:49-56.

Here’s a good study tip as we head into another week: watch for repeated words in a passage. If a word is used more than once or twice, it is probably emphasizing a theme or an important idea. Then ask yourself, “What does this word tell me about God?”

Psalm 119:49-56

Grant me the action You promised;
    I have pinned my hopes on Your word.

Great pain can lead to great comfort
    as Your words revive and restore.

Gangs surround and mock me all day;
    I stay on the path anyway.

Good guidelines from the good old days
    console me and make me feel safe.

Godless rebels make my blood boil
    when they blow off Your commandments.

Giving You praise is my theme song
    whether up or down, in or out.

Going to bed, I turn to You
    and resolve once more to obey.

Gladly I put into practice
    submitting my will to Your will.


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