Flowers, Songs and Macarons

Mother’s Day brought me three of my favorite things:
music, sweets and flowers that never die.

Just look at that bouquet!
It never needs watering or arranging
and it won’t end up in the compost.
It’s great to have a spouse who knows you and what you love.


Just look at those macarons!
There were two trays of these beauties.
They look like something from the Great British Baking Show.
I snapped a quick pic before we snapped the last two up.
It’s great to have talented grown up kids who can cook.

Just listen to this music!
I put this song together for our church’s Lent season.
This arrangement was a surprise and brought a tear to my eye.
It’s great to have sneaky grown up kids who can sing and record.

K&N, S&T, A&D and J&K, I love being your mom.

3 thoughts on “Flowers, Songs and Macarons

  1. Wow! What a wonderful song and the arrangement with your talented children was incredible.

    God Bless You!


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