Stanza F

Welcome to week 6 of the Aleph-Bet series!

One thing that stands out to me while studying Psalm 119 is the deep love David seemed to have for the law, rules and commandments. I don’t know too many people who are head-over-heels about laws, rules and commandments. An insight from Lois Tverberg helped me understand this passion for the word from a Hebrew perspective.

    Christians may be surprised that the word “mitzvah”, meaning commandment, is positive rather than negative in Jewish culture. We think of commandments as burdensome regulations, but the usual Jewish usage of mitzvah is that it is an opportunity to do something good that God told you to do. The word is always used in a positive way, suggesting that doing what God has asked is a joy and a spiritual opportunity, not a burden.
The idea of “hiddur mitzvah” (beautifying the command) says that if God tells us to do something, we shouldn’t just do the minimum, but to perform it in the best way possible, sparing no expense or trouble.

Let’s beautify the commands of God this week by seeing them as opportunities to obey Him with excellence.

Psalm 119:41-48

Favor me with Your constant love
    and sure salvation, as promised.

Finally, my mockers will hear me,
    for Your word will not let me down.

Forfeit God’s good truth? Not these lips!
    I’ve pinned all my hopes on Your word.

Forever I will walk with You,
    always and forever. Amen.

Freely I will go through my days
    because I have found Your roadmap.

Faithfully I’ll speak up for You;
    I won’t be embarrassed at all.

Finding Your words are delightful,
    I love them more and more each day.

Farther I stretch, hands open wide,
    to grasp the heart of Your precepts. 


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