Stanza E

This week is brought to you by the letter “E”,
or in Hebrew, “He”, which sounds like “Hey”, as in,

“Hey you, don’t just study God’s Word — let’s see it working in your life.”

That was the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit rebuking me.
Author Christopher Ash, however, hit me upside the head.

  If I ask God to show me what the Bible means just because I am interested, or because I want to have better Bible knowledge and get a bit more credibility in my church, or become an academic biblical scholar, then I can have no confidence that God will answer my prayer. For the purpose of his statutes is to lead me into the way of his statutes, which is a changed direction and shape of life. God is not going to open my eyes to understand a word I have no intention of obeying. (Bible Delight: Heartbeat of the Word of God: Psalm 119 for the Bible Teacher and Bible Hearer)

These psalms were written as songs to be sung, but also as prayers to be prayed. It is well and good to study them, be interested in them, increase our knowledge of them. But I almost forgot to pray them. This week, try starting each day praying Psalm 119:33-40. Teach me, O Lord.

Psalm 119:33-40

Educate me, Lord, in Your ways,
    and I won’t quit till my last breath.

Equip me with keen perception;
    I’ll follow through wholeheartedly.

Each day set my course by Your word
    and I will enjoy the journey.

Empower me to lean your way
    and not ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Empty things aren’t worth gazing at,
    but your word fills me up with life.

Execute the promise you made,
    and I’ll serve you in reverent awe.

Eager to steer clear of disgrace,
    Your guidelines are just what I need.

Everything in me yearns to learn;
    may your goodness help me to thrive!


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3 thoughts on “Stanza E

  1. You are amazing, how you can rewrite the stanzas using a certain letter of the alphabet. Impressive. I also love the quote, “God is not going to open my eyes to understand a word I have no intention of obeying”. Wow. Good reminder as I keep asking God for understanding!

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