For the Flock, Day 4

“He makes me lie down in green pastures.” Psalm 23:2

Have you ever tried to make a two year old lie down?


My most recent experience has gone something like this:

It’s nap time, Abel.
He runs away and hides under the piano bench.
You can pick out one toy to take with you.
He crawls out and picks up 3 cars, 5 army guys and a stuffed bear.
I concede.
Daisy Duck, Nonnie?

Oh, yes, let’s read your favorite book before lying down.
He jumps up and down on the couch while I read.
Time for a nap now, Abel.
We go into the bedroom and I tuck him in.
I’m thirsty, Nonnie.
I go get his water bottle. But he wants a Dixie cup from the bathroom, so I put one centimeter of water in a cup and bring it to him.
He arranges his cars and army guys.
I tuck him back in.
I’m hot, Nonnie.
I help him take off his socks. And his pants. And his shirt.
Sing, Nonnie.
I start singing a lullabye.
No, Nonnie. Frosty.
I sing Frosty the Snowman, making up lyrics.
He re-arranges his cars and army guys.
I say, “Let’s close our eyes now and snuggle.”
He cuddles up close, but three army guys fall off the bed.
I convince him that army guys always take naps under the bed.
Ice-cream, Nonnie?
Yes, we’ll have ice-cream after you take a nap.
He wiggles around until the covers come off.
I pretend I’m sleeping.
He puts his little hands on my cheeks and stretches them this way and that.
I keep pretending to be asleep.
He gently takes my eyelashes and lifts my eyelids open.
It’s really hard, but I keep pretending.
He whispers to his cars and drops the other two army guys under the bed.
I am almost asleep.
His two little lips brush across my cheek.
I smile.
He rolls over and falls asleep.


He makes me lie down. 
I fidget and wiggle and resist.
I think about my needs.
I hold on to distractions.
I desire to be entertained.
I want to know what’s going to happen.
I poke at those nearest to me.
Sometimes, He has to make me lie down.

And like a good Father,
He draws near.
He comforts the hurting.
He gives strength to the weary.
He sings over the anxious.
He gives courage to the fearful.

He lays down His life for us.

My soul finds rest in God alone.
Psalm 62:1


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