No Room

“…you have no room for my word.” John 8:37

Apparently the innkeeper in Bethlehem
wasn’t the only one
who had no room for Jesus.

no vacancy

Thirty years later, in the middle of a heated discussion with the Pharisees, Jesus accused the religious leaders of being so full of themselves that they had no room for His words.

This was nothing new.

Hundreds of years before Jesus arrived on the scene, the Psalmist observed the same problem. “Wicked people are too proud. They do not look for God; there is no room for God in their thoughts.” Psalm 10:4

The Pharisees had jam-packed their minds so full of
religious rules,
laborious laws
tedious traditions,
they couldn’t take in the height and depth of Jesus’ words about

Instead, they called Him a raging demoniac and plotted His death.

make room

Lent is a good time to make some room for Jesus’ words.
Shove aside the empty entertainment,
fast from speed and greed,
forgive a minor offense.
Make some room.

This week’s reading: John 8:1-41 (deeper study on 8:31-41)
Next week’s reading: John 8:42-59 (deeper study on 8:48-59)

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