“Whosoever comes to me, I will never drive away.” John 6:37

I’m getting a little help today from my man, Charles H. Spurgeon, a preacher from the 1800’s. He’s my favorite old dead guy; in fact, I call Charles my 19th century boyfriend. PB doesn’t mind because Spurg has been dead for 128 years now. But if we had been alive at the same time, my man PB would have had a run for his money with CHS.

By the time of his death in 1892, Spurgeon had preached 3,600 sermons and published 49 volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, illustrations and devotions.

All without the internet.

Spurgeon on “coming”:

Faith in Christ is simply and truly described as coming to him. It is not an acrobatic feat…it is not an exercise of profound mental faculties…coming is a very simple action indeed; it seems to have only two things about it — one is to come away from something, and the other is to come to something.

One might say, “I don’t understand all the Christian doctrine and theology”. Come anyway, because it doesn’t say whoever understands, let him come.
One might say, “I can’t repent the way I should. My heart is hard and I can’t even weep over my sins or feel bad over them as I should.” Come anyway, because it doesn’t say whoever feels, let him come.
One might say, “I don’t know if I can live the Christian life the way that I should.” Come anyway, because it doesn’t say whoever can, let him come.”
One might say, “I don’t know if I am worthy to live the Christian life.” Come anyway, because it doesn’t say whoever is worthy, let him come.

Spurgeon on “whosoever”:

But mark thee, sinner, it says “whosoever”. What a big word that is! Whosoever! There is no standard height here. It is of any height and any size. Little sinners, big sinners, black sinners, fair sinners, sinners double-dyed, old sinners, aggravated sinners, sinners who have committed every crime in the whole catalogue — whosoever.

See what I mean?
Spurgeon is really something,
but he’s still my second favorite preacher.
PB is my #1 and always will be.


One thought on “Whosoever

  1. Love your piece on coming.
    I pray I have numbered my days properly so I may have a heart of wisdom Psalm 90:12
    Your message today speaks to me a reminder from This weeks bible reading from my print out of the 2020 bible study on you blog. NIV version, Reading over and over John 6:35-66
    This one is wonderful.
    John 6:45 “whoever listens and learns from the father comes to me”
    He is the bread of life whom a man may eat. Through the Holy Spirit He did give us his flesh and blood to eat and drink today.
    In Hebrews 1:3 “The son is the radiance of Gods Glory…..his being”
    Thanks for the inspirational message Dinah

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