Word of Relationship #1

Today we enter into the third week of Lent
and we consider Jesus’ third statement from the cross.

Week 3
Word of Relationship:
When Jesus saw his mother there,
and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby,
he said to his mother,
“Dear woman, here is your son,”
and to the disciple,
“Here is your mother.”
From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.
John 19:26-27

Relationship: a connection, association or involvement
an emotional connection between persons

Jesus went up into the hills and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve — designating them apostles — that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons. Mark 3:13-15

woman behold

   I used to know all the common prepositions by heart. About, above, across, after, against, along, among — and 28 more. Memorizing that list helped in picking out the prepositional phrases when diagramming sentences, which was important because…… Why was that important? My favorite preposition is at the bottom of the list.  …….over, since, through, to, toward, under, with. With. What a lovely word.

When Jesus came to earth, he sought out relationships with people. Jesus picked twelve disciples to walk with Him, talk with Him, do life with Him. It was a great honor to be chosen by a rabbi, an opportunity that fishermen and tradesmen rarely were given. Most rabbis went to the nearest temple school to find worthy candidates.

But Jesus wasn’t looking for Talmud scholars or experts in the law. He was looking for friends. “He appointed twelve…that they might be with him.” In time, the Master would teach His disciples to preach and even drive out demons, but first and foremost, Jesus wanted to simply be with them. He wanted them to simply be with Him.

When God picked out a name for His Son, it was Emmanuel — God
with us. (Isaiah 7:14) That choice of name should make us grateful. It’s so much better than God above us, God behind us, God beyond us, God over us. Or any of those other prepositions.

  Jesus, thank You for leaving Your heavenly home to come be with us. I know You are calling me into a deeper relationship with You. Be near me, Lord Jesus. I ask Thee to stay close by me forever.

3 thoughts on “Word of Relationship #1

  1. With. The power of the word scarcly entered my mind till your message.
    Awesome. More at peace since reading this.
    Thanks Dinah

  2. Hello Dinah,
    The ultimate purpose of diagramming sentences was to make you a blogger who could express God-given thoughts so succinctly and, therefore, be an encouragement to all who are in relationships! Good to be with you.

    Thank you!

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