Restless for Resurrection

This time of year, I start getting antsy.

Come, Spring! Come, Easter! Come, Empty Grave!

This is Day 30 in the 40 days of Lent. Ten more to go.

Forty is one of God’s favorite numbers.
It pops up all over the Bible.

It makes me wonder…

What it was like on the Ark at Day 30?
Were the animals getting agitated?

What was it like for Jesus to fast for 30 days,
knowing there would be 10 more?

When Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Law,
did he wonder what was happening down below at Day 30?

Did Jesus count down the 40 days between resurrection
and ascension, anticipating going home?

In biblical times, the number forty was understood
as a period of testing that should not be rushed through,
but patiently endured.

As much as I’d like to fast-forward to the empty tomb,
there are lessons to be learned
in Gethsemane and at Golgotha.
Jesus didn’t rush His final days.
He followed the Father’s plan.
We should, too.


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