A Dickens of a Year

2018 started over a week ago, but I’m barely out of the gates. Usually I’m off and running with new goals and new plans for a new year. It’s been a slow start — I’ve been more like a tortoise than a hare.


What the dickens is wrong with me?

I got behind on my Bible reading plan in the first week.

I slept through my extra early morning alarm on January 2.
Then I turned off my alarm altogether.

I didn’t do one sit-up,
drink one smoothie,
or eat one vegetable
for the first 7 days of 2018.

I haven’t read one book.

My list of goals is remarkably shorter than in years past.

But you know what?
I’m ok with all that.
I’m giving myself grace.
And embracing “slow” —
as long as it’s teamed up with steady.
Slow and steady, steady and slow.

A dear friend of mine gave me this beautiful book for Christmas.


Months ago I must have mentioned that I’ve never read any classics by Charles Dickens.
She’s that kind of friend.


Instead of trying to repeat last year’s record of 52 books,
I’ve decided it’s going to be a Dickens of a year for me.


Only 889 pages to go.
Slow and steady.

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