February Lit List

The common cold knocked me for a loop last month. Only four titles made it to my “Books Read” notebook, but they were good ones. Here’s what has been on the bookshelf in February:


  • Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis — I started this book a few years ago and stalled out so it went back on the shelf. Then I recently talked to someone who loved it, so I picked it back up. I yawned through the first 32 pages. Then I highlighted the daylights out of the rest of the book. Now I see why it’s a classic. Glad I gave it a second try and stuck with it.
  • A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis — This short book (75 pages) was heartbreakingly honest about the death of Lewis’ wife. I didn’t underline one word because it felt too sacred to mark up a man’s journey through loss and grieving.
  • All Is Grace: A Ragamuffin Memoir by Brennan Manning — I listened to the audio version of this book because it’s hard to read with a sinus headache. I retreated to a dark room, put in earphones and was mesmerized by Maurice England’s narration. Brennan looks back at his life as a priest, then not a priest; his marriage, then his divorce; his constant struggle with alcoholism, then sobriety, then alcoholism. He sums up his life with three words: all is grace.
  • Unoffendable by Brant Hansen — I know it’s probably too early to call, but this may be my “book of the year”. I laughed at the humorous stories but cringed at how convicting this message was to my spirit. Mostly I felt like I had just been slapped up-side the head, in a good way. I obviously needed this book. Now I want to figure out how to give everyone I know a copy without offending them.

Happy reading!

“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.”  Irving Stone


4 thoughts on “February Lit List

  1. Oh! High praise for Unoffendable. I checked, of course it’s not available in our library system yet, but I,’m looking forward to reading it. ☺

  2. Good for you to go after Mere Christianity and finish! I have been going after several Readers Digest book novels salvaged from my mother’s collection. She had boxes of books. She been gone now 4 years this January 30th. Of the four read the last 4 weeks (me in a cast), one sticks out, “Diving through the Clouds”.
    This brought back many my stored away memories. Some I shared with a close friend of yours. Then a good story “Joshua” made into a movie came on TV. I got to find and reread “Joshua” again. I got 4 months left with a cast on right leg. So i should maybe get one more in…I bet “Mere Christianity” can be found.
    You, Have a good read this month.

    • Wayne, the church library has Mere Christianity and Joshua. There are also three other books in the Joshua series there. I pulled them and put them by the library door for you!

  3. I wanted to give up the first few chapters of Mere Christianity as well but my husband (new boyfriend at the time) kept saying it’ll make more sense as I get more into it and he was right. I ended up loving it. I haven’t read A Grief Observed because its such a hard topic to dive into but I love how you described it.

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