10 Things I Learned in August

1. Stepping away from the internet for a month was not the end of the world. August is indeed the Sunday of summer. It’s been a nice Sabbath rest.

2. Family Weekend was a good idea. Last year we tried Family Week. We’re learning what works for a gathering of ten adults along with six kiddos under the age of four. The huge totes full of Legos and dress up clothes came out of storage and were a hit with adults and kids alike.

3. I miss the little pink chair. And the Mickey Mouse plates and the sippy cups. I miss the footsteps coming up the stairs every morning. But I’m happy Evie has her very own purple bedroom in her very own house. The nest is empty again. Maybe for good this time.

4. Quote of the month: “Do you want what you want badly enough to arrange your life for it?” Ruth Haley Barton

5. The Morris’s and the Biddick’s came to America on the same ship. I came across this bombshell as I was doing some family history research. The Morris’s were my mom’s ancestors. The Biddick’s were my dad’s great grandparents. In 1850 they boarded the ship “Belle” in Padstow, Cornwall, England, not knowing that 96 years later there would be a marriage connecting the two families — my mom and dad. How cool is that?

6. Olympians are freaks of nature. I can’t imagine training for four years to run a thirty second race or perform a five second vault. PB and I did enjoy the view from our easy chairs, though. The swimming, gymnastics and track events were thrilling. I just wish there could have been more coverage of the ping-pong, badminton and sailing competitions.

7. Spending a week in the woods is good for the soul. PB and I went up north and looked at tall trees, stood in cool shoreline water and breathed deep of fresh forest air. We also ate giant caramel pecan sweet rolls, tapped our toes to a surprise jazz concert and took a nap every afternoon. That’s how to restore a soul.

8. Jesus was a master storyteller. I read through the parables this month. I just wish we could hear the intonation of His voice and see the look on His face as we read these stories. Were they told with a smile or a raised eyebrow? Was there a softness or an edge in His voice? The Apostle John said that the world doesn’t have enough room for all the books that could be written about the things Jesus said and did. But I’m sure heaven does. Someday we’ll hear the stories in His own voice and see the twinkle in His eye.

9. I would drive across town for a free cup of coffee. A new convenience store opened up and they are offering free coffee for a few days, along with lots of other promotions such as $1 worth of free gas, which is about three tablespoons. I figured if I drive a few miles to get the free coffee but use the squirt of free gas, I’m still ahead. I simply cannot turn down anything free. Except puppies and kittens.

10. Jonah is an Old Testament book that really packs a wallop. We are going to take a good long look at the book of Jonah this fall. I’m excited to get back with my Bible study ladies next week! We are going to engage our hearts and minds like never before in the 48 verses that make up this crazy story.

goodbye august

7 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned in August

  1. I enjoy your end of month messages.
    What did I learn?? A lot. I am reluctant to say as I may stick big left foot in mouth.
    The right foot don’t work as it is usually wrong foot. Ha. Choir started tonight and I have yet been able to wright down my thoughts properly to instill an excitement for others to take the choir member plunge. For as soon as I begin writing down what seemed like a beautiful message it leaves me! Ha Ha !
    Got two sentences. It may be inspirational for others to feel the thrill I do. It is the thrills in praising the Lord for saving such undeserving as myself…..😃

  2. Thank you for you 10 things you learned in August. I realized they might be coming today when I looked at today on the calendar. You did not disappoint me with your insights and light-filled view of life in God’s creation. One thing I have learned is He is always faithful through the middle of changes. Two weeks ago my parents moved onto a care facility/ home. Transitions aren’t easy, but He will provide. Yes, back to school September!

  3. Dear Dinah, Just got through reading your August offerings. I cherish your words and look forward to our first Bible study of the season. I still hope I am still in this world when you publish your first book! If not … maybe I will be supplied a copy in my forever home. Love you, Jan K.

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