Another and Another

I spent a few days with some women who are writers.

Real writers.

Actual published authors.

These ladies knew what they were doing, where they were going and how they were going to get there. They knew their klout score and their social media strategy and how to pitch their book to a publisher. I was in awe of their brilliance. So much good writing is already out there. At the end of the retreat, I had to ask a question:

God, does the world really need another writer?

The answer came at sunrise on the lakeshore.

“Does the world need another doctor? or preacher? or scientist? or teacher? I need another and another and another.

I’ll tell you what I don’t need — a bunch of people questioning and doubting and hemming and hawing about whether or not they should use the gifts I’ve given them. I have already set up divine appointments for your words. Yes, I need another writer.

Next time, don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what I need.

Then get to it.”

arrowhead sunrise


5 thoughts on “Another and Another

  1. Yes, the Lord needs more authors like you – such deep thoughts in so few words with humor. Go ahead, get out of the boat and start writing (while you walk with Him). Thank you for being obedient!

  2. I agree with God :please continue to write!
    I had to clean my emails off and said a prayer that someday you could publish all your posts and I could hold the book in my hands. Signed from you of course. Thank you Dinah for all your writing!

  3. Wow. I have goosebumps all over again, just like the first time you said it–at the WordGirls getaway. My heart leaps up and says, “Here I am! Here I am!” Bless you, Dinah. You are a receiver for His messages–and a broadcaster!

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