For This I Have Jesus

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PB says he takes it with a grain of salt when parishoners go through the line after church on Sunday, shake his hand and say, “That was a good sermon, Pastor.”  But if someone should happen to call the church office on Wednesday to say, “That was a good sermon on Sunday, Pastor”, then he’ll believe it.  If they’re still thinking about it three days later, the message must have gotten through.

Back in October of 2014, PB said something that stuck with me.

Three months later, I’m still thinking about it.

Now, that’s a good sermon.

I don’t remember the context or the scripture or the point of the message.

But I wrote down five words:

“For this, I have Jesus.”

I’ve said those words many times since.

I’ve said that phrase many times this week.

When missing dear ones, in other counties or other countries —

for this, I have Jesus.

When praying with a family in a pediatric hospital waiting room —

for this, we have Jesus.

When gathering around the Word with sisters asking hard questions —

for this, we have Jesus.

When rocking the baby girl who can’t sleep because of a cough  —

for this, I have Jesus.

When talking to friends who are struggling, but managing to hang on —

for this, we have Jesus.

When lying awake at night thinking of a million things I need to do —

for this, I have Jesus.

When the phone rings at half past midnight for the pastor to come —

for this, we have Jesus.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

This week, this is my story, this is my song:

For This I Have Jesus, written by Graham Kendrick

(Please excuse the amateur, homemade recording.  Ignore the mistakes.  Let the words land soft in your heart.)

11 thoughts on “For This I Have Jesus

  1. Thank you, Dinah. This helps right now more than you know. My mom is in heart failure because of her pulmonary fibrosis. I flew out here Wed. For this I need Jesus!

  2. Remember the time when there was you and PB and your childred? Also friends and family. But your immediate family now has spouses, grandchildren, and has grown. Yes, for all of us —-“For this we have Jesus”. Amen

  3. As I read your words, I began to weep…listening to your voice signing..For this we have Jesus, I felt peace. Thanks Dinah.

    • I was online looking for who originally said those words and stumbled on the song. Love the internet at times like that. Wish I could have made a better recording, but we had 10 minutes to do it!

  4. Dear friend! Amazing thank you- your voice always sounds like angels singing! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to Wed. night – last week very sick. Thank Jesus I am doing tons better.

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