Sorry, Pussycat

Last week I wrote about funny sayings that families have.

Have you ever heard this one?

“Sorry” won’t feed the admiral’s pussycat.

Yeah, well, Google hasn’t heard of it either.

I remember hearing it in our home when I was a kid, though.

I have a feeling this family adage was once the punchline of a joke.

I have a feeling that it had something to do with an admiral’s cat that didn’t get fed and thus, met it’s demise.

I have a feeling that it means you can’t make everything right by just saying “sorry”.

But obviously, I don’t know for sure.

It hit me today,

that with both my parents now gone,

I have no way to find out.

Why didn’t I ever ask about the admiral’s pussycat?


6 thoughts on “Sorry, Pussycat

  1. A voice in the back of my mind says it may have come from a skit of some kind on the Danny Kaye Show — Danny Kaye was a comedian who had a weekly hour long variety show on TV….kind of like the Carol Burnett Show. In my google search I found the saying “sorry doesn’t feed the bulldog”, with the meaning described this way:

    “In business, to “feed the bulldog” is to generate sufficient revenue to meet expenses. I don’t know much about bulldogs, but I’m willing to bet they get aggressive and insistently unhappy when not fed on a regular schedule. Overhead costs tend to be like that, too. The rent must be paid. The payroll must be met. Productive actions, not mere words, will feed the bulldog.”

    I have never heard the bulldog saying. I could see some clever comedic writer tweaking this saying to fit a silly skit on the Danny Kaye Show. But in truth, it remains a mystery. Growing up, I always interpreted it as you did — that just saying sorry doesn’t always make things right again……..sometimes productive action, not mere words, is what’s needed.

  2. Maybe Grandpa found out the hard way, aboard a ship in the Pacific, that if he didn’t feed the admiral’s pussycat, there would be consequences that “sorry” couldn’t erase……… 😉

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