Home for the Holidays #15

Closing out 2014 with a picture of the throw-up bucket is just wrong.

There were so many good things about this year.

PB and I sat with our coffee cups by the fire this morning, remembering together.

Good times, hard times, accomplishments, struggles.

I’m so happy to be doing life with this man.

We’ll give each other a smooch at midnight, pray in the new year, and wake up to 2015.


“May the new year be blessed with good tidings
Till the next time I see you again.
And we’ll all join hands, and remember this moment,
And we’ll love and we’ll laugh, in the times that we have
till the season comes ’round again.”

~Till The Season Comes ‘Round Again ~ Vince Gill

One thought on “Home for the Holidays #15

  1. No matter about the red bucket…I think we all could identify with it! It made me laugh and we know laughter is God’s medicine. May this new year bring many blessings to you and your family. Peggy

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