31 Days of Questions: Day 31


“Do you love me?”  John 21:17

Oh, yes, Lord, I do love you!

With the shortest blog post ever, this 31 Day Challenge has come to an end!


11 thoughts on “31 Days of Questions: Day 31

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  2. Thanks! I kind of ran out of gas at the end, but it is finished. Posting three times a week will seem easy now! Thanks for sticking with me through the month. (Thanks for the bday card, too — you were EARLY!)

  3. Thank you, Dinah, for your words of inspiration and the many thoughts that came to mind. You are truly a blessing in my life and Emanuel Church.

    • Heehee! It’s amazing — when you “have to” write, stuff comes. When you don’t have any deadlines, the tank is empty. Lesson: don’t wait for inspiration, just show up and start something. Week one was fun and exhilarating. Week two, I wondered what I got myself into. Week three, drudgery. Week four, in a groove and enjoying it. There’s always a hump to get over, it seems.

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