31 Days of Questions: Day 4


If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?  Luke 6:32

It’s so easy to love PB (Pastor Blake, my hubby).  He’s considerate, kind, and fun.  He is trustworthy, works hard, and loves God.  He also makes me breakfast every Wednesday morning… brings it to me on a tray…. bacon, eggs, English muffin, coffee.  I love him.

It’s easy to love my kids.  They have grown up to be interesting and enjoyable adults.  They are finding ways to make their lives count for the Kingdom.  They are giving me grandchildren.  I love my kids.

It’s super easy to love my grands.  These little people give sloppy kisses and like to rock-a-bye and are so darn adorable.  Love oozes out of me when I’m around the babies.  I don’t have to try at all.

There’s no pat on the back for loving like this, though.  It’s loving the hard-to-love that gives me some heavenly credit.  Instead of staying away from unlovable people, it seems I am to seek them out and pour love into folks who don’t care to love me back.

Sounds like Somebody I know.

 31 Questions

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Questions: Day 4

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  2. oh yes Dinah, thank you for the reminder. I know this is the Truth and yet when you say it my heart tugs at your words. LOVE yes that is the truth!

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