31 Days of Questions: Day 2


Why are you thinking these things in your heart?  Luke 5:22

There are some super-hero powers that I would love to have.  The ability to grow some extra arms would have been nice when I was juggling babies and toddlers.  Being able to duplicate myself would have come in handy when I was running four kids to basketball practices and piano lessons.  The power to make myself invisible might have been convenient when my teenagers were out on dates.  Maybe not.

One superhuman gift I would definitely not want is the ability to read minds.  No sirree.  No way.  I’m sure I would be appalled if I could perceive the thoughts of those around me.  I know that’s true because I am regularly appalled by my own thoughts.

Jesus makes it clear that thinking is a heart matter.  The brain can only process what the heart produces.

Maybe the key to right thinking is to splay my heart wide open and invite the All-Powerful One to do some supernatural maintenance.

It’s something to think about.

 31 Questions

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