The Trailblazer

This child is the trailblazer.  The pioneer.  The leader of the pack.


This boy is the first of the gaggle of grands that have been added to our family in the past two years.

(Gaggle, noun: an often noisy and disorderly group; an assortment of related things)


He is not yet aware of his prestigious position.

He doesn’t know that someday the siblings and cousins will want to be in his secret club, sit by him at the kids’ table, and copy the way he sets up his trains.  He will tell them the rules to the games he makes up, show them a better way to build towers, and tattle on whoever is misbehaving.


He will be the teacher when they play school, the father when they play house and “not it” when they play tag.


It’s not easy, being first.

But there are perks, starting with lots of pictures.

8 thoughts on “The Trailblazer

  1. I was the first grandchild in the gaggle of grandchildren for Calmer and Donna Overlien. I am also the Mother of the first great-grandchild for them. I am now 40 years old and amazed at the wonderful life God has blessed me with and thankful for the family God blessed me into. You write beautiful words Aunt Dinah. 🙂

  2. Such good pix of Hud Dinah! The 2nd one looks a lot like Noah! You said it well in your blog ….. he will be special to his Overlien cousins as the oldest!

    • Thanks Sue! I was lucky to take those pics when the light happened to be just right. Hud is definitely a mini Noah. You’ll have lots of fun in August!

  3. I thought these pictures were from a professional photo shoot…until Mom clued me in and I took another look (noticing the background and the school desk in one shot)! Wow! Beautiful pictures of an adorable subject. 🙂

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