My mom was so pretty.

My dad was so handsome.

On February 23, 1946 at the farm on Highway 38,

she came down the staircase in her silk and organza,

he stood tall in his Navy dress blues.

She took his arm before the fireplace.

Elmer and Ada, Frank and Jeannette, and 35 others

heard them promise to love and to cherish.

Before the bride knew there would be four kids

and a house in the cottonwood trees….

before the groom knew there would be seed corn

and cattle and cancer….

he wrote her letters from the USS Fanshaw Bay

filled with hopes and dreams of life together on the farm,

planting seeds and harvesting a good crop.

And so, for 27 years, they did.

Elinor (1922-1973) and Roger (1923-2011)

One thought on “Anniversary

  1. Thanks for posting this. I think of Mom and Dad every February. To have only had 27 years is so sad. We are well on our way to 43…..hard to think about all that we would have missed in the last 16 years!

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