Too Cold to Poop

brrr-17 degrees, -29 wind chill.  It’s too cold to poop.  Our dog, Bo, can’t stand it.  She can’t keep all four paws on the frozen ground at once.  Can’t stop dancing long enough to squat.  Can’t think about anything but getting out of the frigid air and back into the house.  Tug, tug, tug on the leash.  No poop.  Too cold.

I love how extreme weather conditions shut down activity.  We all think we’re in charge, with our to-do lists and responsibilities.  But really, we have no control over this world.  It’s good to be reminded of that from time to time.  I prefer extreme days — they make us slow down.  Those other days when it’s cold but not too cold, snowy but not too snowy, icy but not too icy — those days you have to carry on despite the elements.  But a blizzard or an ice storm or an arctic blast, they make you put up your hands and surrender.  “Ok! I’ll leave my pjs on all day!  Uncle!  I’ll sit by the fire and read all afternoon!  I give!”

Sometimes it’s nice to be told what to do.  Usually I like to be the boss, plan my day, decide what’s next.  But sometimes I like to be told, “No”.  And just give in.

4 thoughts on “Too Cold to Poop

    • She’s too old to learn new tricks, I’m afraid. And I’m a little concerned that my deepest thoughts this morning are on this topic. Maybe too cold for my brain as well!

  1. I have a boston/beagle boy that looks just like your dog. We got him as a foster and I feared that I just found his owner. 🙂 I’m still looking for his owner (secretly) because I know he was a runaway.

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