Thotful Spot


Winnie the Pooh had a Thotful Spot.

He would sit on his special log, tap his head, close one eye, and say,

“Think, think, think.”

We all need a thotful spot — somewhere to ponder and treasure moments from each day.

Mary must have had such a place.  Luke 2:19 says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”  And it’s a good thing, too.  When Luke got around to writing his gospel, who better to interview about the night Jesus was born than someone who was there?  And how does one remember every detail years later? By treasuring and pondering.  Everyone else who heard the shepherds’ story about the baby in the manger marveled at the news.  “But Mary…”

There’s a difference between hearing a sermon and marveling at the truth of it….

and giving it some serious thought.

There’s a difference between seeing a beautiful sunset and noticing its beauty….

and reflecting on creation and its Creator.

There’s a difference between enjoying small pleasures in our day….

and stopping to turn them over in our minds.

There’s a difference between reading the inspired word….

and soaking awhile in it, mulling over the meaning of the words.

Taking my cue from Mary and Winnie the Pooh, I declare this year to be a year of pondering and treasuring.

I plan to sit in my special chair, tap into the riches of the Word, close my eyes

and ponder like Mary…

think, think, think like Pooh Bear.

2 thoughts on “Thotful Spot

  1. And (Christopher) Robin says……let the pondering begin! And may you accumulate a mountain of treasures!

    I have begun a similar plan — I am writing in a journal everyday after reading and pondering…..I hope I have enough motivation self discipline to do this everyday!

  2. Nice play on words! Such a good plan — it’s amazing what comes to mind while writing. Just read this quote: “Inspiration far more often comes during the work than before it, because the largest part of the job of the artist is to listen to the work and to go where it tells him to go.” (Madeline L’Engle, Walking on Water)

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