10 Lessons in 2013

LessonsI hope you noticed that the title of this post is not “Lessons Learned in 2013″.  Although I’ve made a few strides this year, I seem to be on a perpetual track of learning and re-learning and re-re-learning.  Here are a few things I have gleaned from the fields of 2013.  No doubt, there were more than ten lessons, but I guess I’ve already forgotten them.

1.  Assume the best.  This has been my default mantra this year.  Saying this little three word phrase has kept me from being easily offended, has given my heart a tenderness for people, and has helped me maintain a more positive attitude.

2.  Gifts are hidden in every day.  Writing these down on a daily basis has made me sit up and take notice.  Counting 1,000 gifts has increased my capacity for gratitude.

3.  A new baby is magical.  Four new babies in one year is magic multiplied exponentially.  (NOTE: Twins are hard work for the first six months.  Then they start giggling at each other and life is good again.)

4.  Letting go of grown children is easier if you know they are firmly held in the Father’s hands, but it still causes an ache.

5.  Adult children coming home gets better and better because they bring spouses and children with them.  Embrace the chaos while it lasts.

6.  The death of saints only makes heaven sweeter.  Loved ones who leave this world and enter the next with grace and without regret inspire me to live out my days the same way.

7.  When faced with the choice of either cleaning the garage or going fishing, always go fishing.

8.  An hour spent on Pinterest doesn’t hold a candle to an hour reading a good book.

9.  It’s possible to memorize large portions of scripture.  It’s impossible to not be impacted by it.

10.  I never have to sit through boring church services or listen to dry sermons.  I need to appreciate that.

Care to share a lesson from your 2013?

2 thoughts on “10 Lessons in 2013

  1. Great list! Here’s my addition……………

    God knows what He is doing and when He is doing it. He doesn’t need my organizational skills, my planning suggestions, my list of other options, or my time clock. What He wants is for me to listen, accept, and turn it over to Him — I find I must re-learn this everyday!

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