A Mom’s Toughest Job

A mom’s toughest job isn’t…..

getting up in the night with a crying infant,

or keeping a teething baby comforted,

or being stuck in a house with sick toddlers,

or settling squabbles and getting everybody to share nicely.

A mom’s hardest task isn’t….

keeping up with the laundry,

or pulling off a fantastic birthday party.

or doing 6th grade math,

or instilling the value of a clean bedroom.

A mom’s most difficult choice isn’t….

which school to send the kids to,

or what clothes are appropriate,

or what time curfew is,

or which friends are a good influence.

A mom’s toughest job,

hardest task

and most difficult choice


letting go.


Here is wisdom for the moms and dads that time has proven true,
The day your children learn to walk, they start to walk away from you.
For at first you hold all of them, cradled safely in your arms,
Then one day their hand is all you hold, and soon it’s just their heart.

Can the sparrow ever learn to fly if the nest is all it knows?
Can the arrow ever reach its mark by remaining in the bow?
You have to let it go.

“Arrow and the Bow” by Steve Chapman

3 thoughts on “A Mom’s Toughest Job

  1. Hey Laurie–wish I would of thought of that sooner–but than again I wouldn’t have all the beautiful grand children and let me tell you –WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!!! Just hold on to each and every moment and enjoy it all–Dinah–once again–the arrow has touched my heart.

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