Acres of Glory

Late summer is one of my favorite times of year.

The mornings and evenings start to cool down, but the days are still toasty.

Sunflowers are in their glory now, so I like to spread some of their cheer around the house.

I put a few on the mantle…

sun 4

and a couple on the shelf.


I hang some on the wall….


and set one on the table.


Yes, sunflowers make me happy.

So imagine my joy when I happened onto this:


Acres of sunflowers!

As I was taking in the view, I thought, “Now…this is abundance.”

I could run into that field and lose myself in there.

I could stand among the stalks and be dwarfed by them.

I could reach up to the bloom and find tasty nourishment.

I could pick myself a handful every day and never run out.

Then I thought about my paltry plastic petals at home on my mantle.

Those fake flowers and imitation images seemed like a weak substitute…

after seeing acres of glory.


My life as an authentic believer should have an abundance to it.

Faith is more that a plastic prop to put on display.

Belief is not piecing scraps of good deeds together.

The field of flowers taught me a good lesson.

I want to seek a deep and wide and long and high relationship with God —

not a drive-by appreciation, but a dive-in-and-get-lost-in-glory kind of thing.

I want to stand in His presence and be humbled by my smallness —

and be astounded by His greatness.

I want to reach up – stretch myself to know more, then dig deep —

and let the Seed of His Word sustain me and take root.

I want to be filled with the Spirit every day —

and never run out.

What would life be like if I committed to such a creed?

“I have come so that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10

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