Good Old Days

When our four kids get together, their conversation eventually comes around to reminiscing about the bad good-old-days.


“Remember when mom dressed us in look-alike sailor outfits?”


“Remember when dad wouldn’t let me leave the supper table until I could spell the word c-h-i-c-k-e-n?”

Why, oh why, do they recall with such fondness the moments I would most like to forget?  It’s amazing they turned out so well after being exposed to such limited parenting skills.

Funny how I remember very different things: reading books out loud all afternoon, singing songs in the car, staring at their eyelashes as they drifted off to sleep.  Now, those were the good good-old-days.

Grandparenting is a chance to have a re-do.

I hereby vow to never dress my grands in matching outfits.

PB promises to refrain from drilling important words into their little minds.

Today, we get the chance to create great good-old-days.  Let’s go!

First, we’ll squirt water into cups in the backyard.


Then we’ll go to the park….


and play in the water….


and the bubbling fountain.


Then we’ll have some lunch, but keep the McNuggets away from Opa.


We’ll read a book…


and have a tickle….


then take a nap.


It’ll be a great day.

One thought on “Good Old Days

  1. I am sure it is even more that you believed it could ever be. It is a whole new adventure and you are well on your way – enjoy every moment. I did!

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