To Tell the Truth

I’m mad.  I’m sad.  I’m mad and sad.

  All along I believed him.

But now it seems he wasn’t being truthful.

No, I’m not talking about PB.

He can’t lie to me.

PB confesses every time he sneaks a Big Mac.

I’m talking about RB.

#8.   2011 MVP.  Left fielder.  My favorite player.

Solomon was right:

“Truth lasts;  lies are here today, gone tomorrow.” (Proverbs 12:19)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Lies, deception and cover ups are as old as the Garden of Eden.  The serpent convinced the newly created couple that God was actually the liar.  Even without television and internet and peer pressure, Eve fell for an untruth in paradise.  Before there was corrupt politics and shady business deals and magic potion salesmen, the first family unraveled because of fibs and fabrications.

Okay, I’m not mad anymore.  Just sad.

Sad because people with freakish talent still feel the need to up their performance in order to prove to the crowd that they are most valuable.

Sad to observe a world where we can convince our very own selves that a lie is the truth (or the truth is a lie) if we believe it long and hard enough.

Sad to know that a mom and dad suffer with every scathing comment, locker room buddies wrestle with bitterness, fickle fans find new favorites.

I must not forget that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God —

 most of our transgressions aren’t broadcast on ESPN.

“Surely You desire truth in the inner parts.” Psalm 51:6

2 thoughts on “To Tell the Truth

  1. Good one, Dinah…always the baseball fan. 🙂 Disappointing, for sure. (Must admit I checked in to see if there were any new baby posts…wasn’t expecting a baseball one!)

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