I’m dreaming of  “Goodnight Moon” and “God Gave Us You”.


I’m dreaming of a size 12 month coat hanging on the tree with a diaper bag full of stray Cheerios.


I’m dreaming of a basket full of trains and hammers and animals.


I’m dreaming of a big box of teeny tiny books scattered all over a living room.


I’m dreaming of the curly-swirly softness of one year old hair.


I’m dreaming of holding a dimpled hand in the back seat of a Subaru.


I’m dreaming of playing the tickle-my-wiggly-toes game.


I’m dreaming of watching the snow fall out a front door.


I’m dreaming of a Packer-boy sitting on a carpet reading books.


Sometimes dreams come true.

9 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Dinah, your posts make my heart so happy. I so miss going to church with you and your family on sunday mornings. I am sad that I have never found another church family that made me feel as welcome as the Methodist church in Elroy made me feel. It makes me sad that I haven’t found that ‘home’ for my family of four yet. #still searching.

    • Keep searching Dee Dee! It’s so important to start little ones off on the right path. Plus, parents need all the help they can get and a church family can be a huge help. So glad you have good memories of the church in Elroy! Those were good times! I’ll be praying for you to find the right place for your family. Are you in WI? Anywhere near Baraboo?!

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