Hud Bud and the Quilt

There are two things I love about this picture.

1.  Hudson is reading a book.  He is only 8 months old and is already discovering one of life’s greatest pleasures.  This is promising — my grandson and I are going to read lots of books together.  Plus, I like his little shirt and blue jeans…..and the way his little hands are holding the pages…..and the way he’s unaware of the camera because he’s so interested in the pictures….and the way his little eyelashes catch the sunlight….

2.  The other thing I love about this photo is in the background.  Hud Bud is sitting on a quilt I made for my daughter when she was in high school.  As I stitched away on those pieces of fabric years ago, I had no idea where my girl and her quilt would go.  Back then I didn’t know that someday a little boy would be sitting on that quilt reading a book.

Sometimes the past and the present collide right in front of you.

7 thoughts on “Hud Bud and the Quilt

  1. I love those pictures of toddlers looking so grown up and reading books too! He is such a little man now. Can’t help but wonder what’s in store for him in the next several years!

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