Sweet Potatoes, Baseball and Signs

I know, I know.  I’ve been slacking.  August is a good month to take a sabbatical, though.  As summer winds down, each day needs to be savored.  Before fall activities crank up, some non-activity is sweet relief.  Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll see you in September!

Hudson started eating sweet potatoes….and using a fork….kind of.


 He didn’t hit any home runs this summer….

…and neither did he……

…which means no one had to run the bases in their underwear this season.


I found some signs at a flea market.  Instead of buying them, I took a picture.


 I’ll stop now.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes, Baseball and Signs

  1. Ah,the sweet days of summer! I love August — I think the dog days of August moved to July. I sure wish I could get by sucking sweet potatoes off the opposite end of the fork……someone would think I was off my rocker. But then, perhaps Hudson is off his rocker….at least he is in the photo. Hee hee.

    And I can’t tell which batter is Sam and which is Jake. Can you? Someday I’ll appreciate an explanation of running the bases in one’s underwear…..

    • Ha! The first one is Jake, the second one Sam. Each year there is a deal made that whichever brother hits the first home run, the other brother has to run the bases in his undies. Last year, Sam hit the first homer, so Jake was a good sport and stripped down to his skivies and trotted around the bases. The team did let him wait until most of the fans went home…

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