Tale of Two Gardens

PB built some nice little raised beds for our gardening pleasure a few years ago.  And they are indeed a pleasure.  There are hardly any weeds, and when one does pop up, we don’t even have to bend over to pluck it out.  That’s my kind of gardening.

This year we decided to plant green beans in all four beds.  We like green beans.  My grandfather, who was a good gardener, used to plant Kentucky Wonder beans.  When he was in his declining years, we asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted and he said, “Kentucky Wonder Cake.”  I always smile when I see the packets of Kentucky Wonder green beans each spring.  However, we plant Blue Lake Bush beans.  Maybe someday I’ll request a Blue Lake birthday cake.

This year, our garden boxes have a curious look about them.  I”m befuddled.  Same dirt, same seeds, same amount of sun and water.  Same guy planted the seeds on the same day.  So much the same, yet the results are so different.

I find a great truth in this picture.  All we can do as we serve the Lord in ministry is put the seed out there.  Some seeds take and others just don’t.  Jesus told a story about the four different kinds of soil (Mark 4:1-20) — in his illustration, only 25% of the seeds produced a harvest.  I think about the two criminals crucified on either side of Jesus — one took hold and the other took offense.   So I wonder about the people sitting in church yesterday and all the kids at VBS last week.  Which ones have hearts open and ready to receive the good news?

What a relief that I’m not responsible for the result.

What a privilege to have the chance to sow a few seeds.

5 thoughts on “Tale of Two Gardens

  1. that is bizarre! But it does make for a great parable. The thing is, you never know which seeds will take and which ones won’t. You can’t overlook any of them without risking the loss of a great harvest.

  2. I think Kentucky Wonder beans are the ones I usually plant — they are pole beans, which are infinitely better tasting than bush beans! So I would highly recommend that you stick with the Kentucky Wonder cake and avoid the Blue Lake cake!

    It appears that most plants this year will need extra help from God to take root and grow. My plants (from seeds) are not behaving as usual –they either don’t grow at all, or they do grow but are defective in some way, with stunted growth or some weird mutation. It’s true for both my vegetables and my flowers. And now with it being so dry this early in the season, and with many of my July/Aug flowers already in bloom, I am wondering what’s going on!?! It’s like we skipped a month somewhere…The only really normal plants are my potatoes — they always grow. I never doubt my potatoes. (Sort of like God — He remains constant when all of us are confused.)

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