Hudson learned how to blow bubbles while he was visiting us.



For a solid week three uncles, an aunt, two girlfriends, a Nonnie and a Grandpa blew a steady stream of bubbles into Hud Bud’s face. 



He thought we were amazing.  There was no end to the smiles, squeals and coos brought on by blowing saliva out of our vibrating lips. 



Then one day wet little air pockets came trickling out from his lips, bringing on our smiles and squeals. 



The little guy was pretty proud of himself and he hasn’t stopped since. 



I never knew how magical slobber could be coming from a three month old.


Hudson flew back home, but with some new skills.  

4 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. Thank you!!! I have been waitimg for some new pictures- these are great——— What a fun time you must have all had – so lonely when they left.

  2. Such a darling baby. I love the joy he brings to everybody and the joy you all brought to him. What memories you have to sustain you.

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