Company’s Coming

Since when did my own kids become “company”?  PB and I have been cleaning like crazy, getting ready for everyone to come home.  We vacuumed the dust bunnies along the walls, we wiped out the crumbs under the toaster, and even Bo got a bath.  PB pulled the weeds out in front of the house, he mowed the yard not once, but twice, and put aromatherapy beads in the hot tub.  I bought enough food to feed the Green Bay Packers, laid out new towels in the bedrooms and sprayed “Italian Linen” room freshener all over.  I tell ya, we’re going all out.

Didn’t they used to clean for me?  I faintly remember the days of making lists of household chores for each of the children.   Alas, we have crossed a line into a new season.  My own offspring are now my guests. 

I’m ok with that, as long as they bring grandkids with them.  (Hub Bud arrives today!)

One thought on “Company’s Coming

  1. You nailed it right on the head–I can’t quiet remember when they became company–but grandpa has always got to make his famous pancakes–airplanes –flowers–dresses–are the shapes that are made but I think grandpa’s favorite shape to make is basketballs for his boys! By the way it’s O.K. not to share everyone may observe as you hold–maybe even demonstrate how it’s grandma’s job to hold a grandchild!! ENJOY your company!! 🙂

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