Hot Tub

There’s a humongous hot tub in our garage.  PB and I weren’t looking for a hot tub.  I wasn’t praying for a hot tub.  We didn’t even want a hot tub.  It just appeared.  What I really need is a blender.  The Hamilton Beach 2001 was a wedding gift 33 years ago.  This amazing appliance has been as faithful as PB all these years, but last time I blended something, liquid poured out the bottom and the flooded motor gave out.  A blender is what I really want.

A few days ago, our younger son called PB.  “Dad, we’re working on this house and they are getting rid of this hot tub and giving it away for free and it’s in really good shape and I said I’d take it.  So, can you come with the trailer and get it?  Tonight?”  Always up for an adventure and trying to encourage our son’s eye for a good deal, my hubby went to go look at the treasure sitting on the curb.  Turns out, the mammoth tub was in really good shape and they were giving it away for free and it was a good find.  When I woke up the next morning there was a humongous hot tub in our garage.

I’m really torn about this unexpected blessing.  I admit my first thought was to put it on Craig’s List and make some money to invest wisely for retirement.  I know.  Boring.  (Somebody needs to be reasonable in this family.)  Now I’m wondering: what would it be like to go out my back door and soak in bubbles under the stars?  I have never done such a ridiculous thing.  Is it even permissible for a pastor to have a hot tub?  Maybe if we use it for ministry (or baptisms?) we could justify such an extravagance.  But somehow I just can’t picture the church’s trustee committee gathering on our deck in their swimming trunks. 

Such a dilemma.

Perhaps if the jets are turned on really high, a hot tub could make smoothies….

11 thoughts on “Hot Tub

  1. My suggestion- keep it- install it so that if you move you can take it with you. Enjoy it!!!!!! Last time I wanted a blender was when we were married for 2 years and Tim brought me flowers. I started to cry- and say BUT I WANTED A BLENDER!!!! Needless to say he doesn’t bring me flowers much. You never know maybe next time Jacob might find a really neat________ and maybe will 2nd guess giving you a call and you will miss out on the blessing. God works in amazing ways!!!!!!!!

  2. You know…….when people really relax, very creative ideas and solutions are often the result. Sounds like the next trustee meeting or perhaps the next strategic planning session or maybe the Vacation Bible School planning will be in the hot tub! I know you will find a fun way to use it! (How about a wedding gift…..?) I say take some time to enjoy it!

  3. What great suggestions…and if they don’t work…maybe you could use it for smoothies ( for sale…for your retirement..tee hee).

  4. turn up the jets, I’m bringing a straw!…….that thing can make smoothies for the whole state of Texas! Jake, you are AWESOME!

  5. Hey how lucky are you??? Sounds like Jacob is just like his dad–always full of adventure and being at the right place at the right time–ENJOY and give those sore muscle a soaking–watch the stars–you know you can always doing your praying or listen to PB practice his sermon–and let them know Mothers Day is just around the corner

  6. Hi Dinah and Blake,
    Use it !!!!!

    Great fun. And relaxing after all that work mowing the yard and weeding the garden. Or is that weeding the yard and mowing the garden. I can never tell.

    Sad to say we got rid of our 25 year old Jacuzzi (back when a hot tub was a permanent installation. Your new toy looks like a really good one!


    John and Nola.

    • Hi Adertons! Thanks for reading! We are going to try to get it going this week. Sure hope it works! If nothing else, it can be a fun bathtub for the grandkids! Appreciate you guys!

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