Love Him

Look at this precious child.  He’s 8 weeks old and bigger than his teddy bear.


Hudson’s mommy told me he cried all day yesterday.   It was an excruciatingly long day.  Maybe he had a little tummy ache.  Or maybe the full moon was throwing him off.  It’s hard to believe this happy boy gave his mommy fits yesterday.

I know what the trouble is.  He misses his Nonnie.

Hey, Hud Bud!  See you in a few weeks! 

4 thoughts on “Love Him

  1. Don’t you wish you could “snap your fingers” and be there to comfort both Hud and his mommie? I know how much you would love to take him in your arms and make it all better. That’s what Nonnie’s do!!! What a handsome boy.

  2. I use the same line on Holly when her kids are cranky….they need their Nana to distract them & make them feel happy again!

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