How’s Your Psoas?

I didn’t know I had a psoas until today.  Evidently, it was out of whack.   Thanks to my wise and wonderful chiropractor, it’s back where it’s supposed to be, doing what it’s supposed to be doing.  A quick adjustment was all it took.  According to, “The psoas muscle is a major muscle in the human body, responsible for stabilizing the base of the spine, allowing the spine to flex, and rotating the hips for a free range of movement.”

And I thought I had a pain in the neck. 

This morning’s experience has got me thinking.  How much of my trouble on the surface is really due to a deeper issue?  For instance, if I’m being critical, is there a pride problem attached somewhere underneath?  Or if I get discouraged, am I dealing with an insecurity in the pit of my soul?  Perhaps a bad mood is really indicating a root of selfishness.  Maybe that discontent reveals an ungrateful spirit.  When I’m being a pain in the neck, it might be due to some inner condition that needs attention.

Once again, I am reminded how badly I need to check in regularly with my spiritual Adjuster.  The Holy Spirit is able to look at the outer parts of my life, yet see what is going on down deep.  If I allow Him to tweak those tender spots, I am sure to become free and flexible, better able to serve.  There is no doubt that without His stabilizing presence, I can get all out of whack.

So, how’s your psoas?

3 thoughts on “How’s Your Psoas?

  1. Am sure glad you had an adjustment on your psoas and yet you were able to be at your post last evening. Do you feel okay?
    May I please tell you that I appreciate your leadership on Wed. nights.
    We are blest.

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