Saving Daylight

First, we had to add a whole day to February, and then we had to give up an hour.  All these clock and calendar changes are messing with me.  I’ve heard that back in the old days, people used to get up when the sun rose and they went to bed when the sun set.  Doesn’t that sound a whole lot easier?

Daylight Saving Time was first proposed by George Hudson in New Zealand in 1895.  It seems that George was a great collector of insects.  By the time he got off work in the late afternoon, there was precious little time to track down bugs, so he wrote and published a paper suggesting the time change.  It got people talking, and bugs scurrying.  Fifteen years later, an Englishman named William Willet was miffed at having to cut short his round of golf at dusk, so he also published a paper entitled, “The Waste of Daylight”.  No one seemed to question the value of using daylight hours to hit a little ball around an open field.  Finally, during World War l, Germany decided to shift the clocks ahead to save coal and make it easier to fight the enemy on summer nights. 

All this to say: thanks to an entemologist, an avid golfer, and the Germans, we now spring ahead each year so as to save some daylight.  It’s a funny world we live in.  I thought you should know….

For he makes his sun to shine on bad and good people alike.  Matt. 5:45

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