Happy Day!

We have lots to celebrate today! 

 Our grandson, Hudson James, is one month old! 

I was so blessed to have spent the first half of his life with him. 

I miss you, Hud Bud.  See you in May!

Today is PB’s birthday!  He is 660 months old!

I’m so glad he was born on that March day.  God knew I would need him.

Happy Birthday Honey!

One more happy note:

This is my 201st post here on Small Drop.

 I never expected to last this long.  I didn’t know that I had so much to say. 

Happy Day!



One thought on “Happy Day!

  1. Great post! Congrats on your 201st post — and I KNOW that you have much more to say! (Sisters know these things.) And don’t forget Blakes “2nd” Birth Day — on April 24th! Love the photo of Hudson!

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