Bling for Baby

Today I decided to dress up for Little Mister. 

I put on the earrings I wore to his mommy and daddy’s wedding. 

I slipped on the bracelet his mommy brought me from Africa. 

I donned the gold locket that holds a picture of his mommy when she was a newborn baby. 

I figured wearing all that bling would send some good vibes to my grand baby. 

You know, make him want to leave his cozy nest and come out into the world to meet his Nonnie.

Sure hope it works!

I’m looking a little nervous because…..



I think it’s working…….

Stay tuned….

See those cute little babies??

The one on the right is Katie, who I think might be……

maybe she’s……

stay tuned……

And the one on the left is Sam.  Oh, by the way, he recently became engaged to a beautiful young woman who I love with all my heart.  Weddings, babies, babies, weddings.  My cup runneth over.  But we’ll talk more about them later.

I’ve gotta keep my hand on my cell phone….

and the kleenex box handy……

and sniff some more Baby Magic lotion.

Ah…there….that will calm me down.



5 thoughts on “Bling for Baby

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying praying praying today for Cousin Katie and beautiful baby boy, that today will be the day, and for a safe and healthy delivery, and for safe travelling for the grandparents!!!!!! (When I get excited, I use run-on sentences!) So excited for you all!!! Go Katie go!! Can’t wait to see photos!! Congrats Nonnie!! Love, Kirsten

  2. SOOOO!!!!!!! excited for you–hope all goes well for everyone–can’t wait to hear your news–hey wait we’ll probably hear your shouts of joy–and know when the little one has arrived!!!–you are in our hearts–Take Care and God Bless–Pam and Gary

  3. Just was looking on Facebook…perhaps today really IS the day?! Praying for a safe delivery and safe travels for the two of you!

  4. I noticed that you had on the locket yesterday, it is beautiful. Who know that baby magic lotion would be the new thing to sniff! Prayers for all of you ❤

  5. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa. I have a close friend who also has a Hudson…I love the name! And a huge congratultions to Sam and Tiffany! So many blessings for such a wonderful family.

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