Dear Grand Baby

Dear Grand Baby,

You have no idea what is waiting for you on this side of the womb.  People are lining up to meet you and I’m first in line.  Poppa will be next, followed by aunties and uncles.  There are no midwest cousins yet, but someday.  You will be the trailblazer, the pioneer, the elder.  There are grandparents, uncles, aunts and lots of cousins to the west.  You will be the youngest on that side of the family tree.  No matter where you go, love will be waiting.

More than counting your fingers and toes, more than watching your blue eyes blink, more than holding your bundled body, I can’t wait to smell you.  The perfume of a freshly born baby is intoxicating.  I think it must come close to what eternity smells like.  So I will fly hundreds of miles to rock-a-bye, sing a lullabye, laugh and cry, and breath deep your scent of heaven. 

We are waiting patiently.  It’s almost time.

Love you forever, Nonnie

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