Be Born in Us Today

O holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray;

Cast out our sin, and enter in, be born in us today.*

I find it fascinating that God chose to send His Son as a baby.  You know, Jesus could have just appeared, walking out of the desert one day as a grown man.  Or He could have descended from Mount Sinai amid thunder and lightning, like Moses.  He could have even busted through the heavens on a chariot, like Elijah.

But the Son of God had to be born, because He has to be born in us. 

Each year, I ask God to give me a new insight on the Christmas story, something to deepen my appreciation and keep it fresh.  I consider it my Christmas gift from Him, and He never disappoints.  This year, my gift came through a friend of mine who said, “Isn’t it something that God trusted us with a baby?”  Oh…my…    Just think of all the things that could go wrong: problems during delivery, ear infections, camel accidents, the terrible twos, teenager trials.  Just think of all the time spent waiting for Him to grow up and begin ministry: 30 years.  Wouldn’t it have been more efficient to send an adult Jesus and just get the thing done? 

But, no.  God trusted the world with a helpless, vulnerable infant who was completely dependent on sinners like me.  *Shiver*  God is still trusting us to let Him enter in and cast out our sin.  Today. 


*”O Little Town of Bethlehem”

One thought on “Be Born in Us Today

  1. There is this plastic decoration on the wall at the place I work- worth $6.00 from St. Viney’s. It is a picture of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus in the manger. There are little night light bulbs behind so their faces glow. I look at that everyday since we decorated and see the (*H.S*) preciousness, and how frail….a baby!

    I love how the Lord Jesus opens our eyes to see something new and special about Him in this Christmas season. Dinah thank you for sharing how *H.S.* He touches your heart and you have such a beautiful gift for writing for our imagiations to come to life.

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