A Month with Mary and Martha – Day 13

Lately I’ve noticed that things just don’t seem to last. 

A few days ago, smoke was rolling out from under the hood of our van.  I’m no mechanic, but I’m pretty sure that’s bad.  So this morning we needed to take our high-mileage van to the shop so they could tell us that it’s bad.  I was to follow in our other high mileage vehicle and give PB a ride home from the repair shop.  But the little car wouldn’t start.   I turned the key and…nothing.  Cars just don’t last.

Four kids and a dog have taken a toll on the carpet in our family room.  There’s the burn spot where somebody thought they could iron their shirt on the floor.  There’s the spot where someone stepped in oil (probably dripping from our van) and walked through the room.  Here and there, bits of unravelled carpet threads are sticking up.  And there is a well-worn path from the kitchen to the bedroom hallway.  Carpet just doesn’t last.

I have an old ipod that was handed down to me from one of the kids.  It doesn’t hold a charge very well anymore and I have to refresh and reset every so often.  I have my son’s old cell phone.  The screen is scratched and I can’t download any apps.  Gadgets just don’t last.

So what does last?  Time spent with Jesus.  Mary’s choice to come and listen to the Master’s teaching could not be taken away from her.  My highlights will fade, my jeans will wear out, and my toenail polish will chip.  Children grow up, friends move away, and kingdoms rise and fall.  But my relationship with Jesus will last for eternity.  Any time I choose Him, He promises that it will not be taken away. 

Only one life, ’twill soon be past,

Only what’s done for Christ will last.



One thought on “Everlasting

  1. I needed this one today. Change is everywhere around me right now, but I can rest knowing that my Lord is always and still beside me, in me.

    Also, “There’s the burn spot where somebody thought they could iron their shirt on the floor.” WHO DID THAT? SAM? hahahahaha.

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