Cliff Hanger

Day 3 – A Month with M&M

Bible stories are famous for leaving the reader hanging.  For instance, at the feeding of the 5,000, how did the disciples react to being on clean up duty?  When Jesus raised the widow of Nain’s son from the dead it says, ” he sat up and began to talk”.  Well?  What in the world did he say??  And when the rich young ruler was challenged to sell all he had and follow the Master, did he do it, or not?  I’d like to know!

As we continue our journey into the lives of Martha and Mary, we find another cliff hanger.  Jesus gently rebuked Martha, commended Mary, and …..that’s it.  The camera never panned over to Martha to get her reaction.  Did she stomp out of the room?  Did she burst into tears?  Did she paste on a smile, go into the kitchen and slam all the cupboard doors?  Or did Jesus’ words stop her in her tracks and cause her to go sit down by her sister?  Did she bristle at first, but after looking into the loving eyes of Jesus soften and relax?

We have a lot of footage of home videos.  Often, after supper, we would get out the video camera and tape the kids and their antics.  One particular piece of film still haunts me to this day.  The camera is focused on baby Jacob in his high chair doing something extremely cute.  Then a sweet little voice is heard in the background saying, “Picture me, daddy!  Picture me!”  Jacob continues to charm the camera by blowing bubbles and doing “so big”.  “Picture me, daddy!  Picture me!”  Jacob blows snot out of his nose and laughs.  “Picture me, daddy!  Daddy, picture me!”  But the video never moves over to see what the sweet little voice is dying to show the camera.  It breaks my heart every time. 

Maybe we don’t get to see Martha’s parting camera shot because the Author and Perfecter is allowing us to say “picture me”.  So how do you picture yourself in this closing frame?

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