Mary and Martha: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I love the Bible story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10.  I love it so much that I’ve downloaded 20 sermons about the sisters on my ipod.  I love it so much that I can practically recite it by heart.   I love it so much that I’m making our women’s Bible study group focus on it for 12 weeks starting in September. (It’s one of the perks of being a Bible study leader – you get to pick what to study.) 

Starting sometime in September, (not sure when yet; it’s one of the perks of writing a blog – you get to decided when to write) I plan to post a daily reflection on this little 5-verse, 7-sentence passage.  Let’s just see how much we can squeeze out of this small section of scripture.   For a whole month, let’s explore what M&M might have to say to us.  You are welcome to stop in daily and join the conversation.  (It’s one of the perks of reading blogs – you get to leave comments whenever you want.)

9 thoughts on “Mary and Martha: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

  1. Oops, that post was from me – don’t be freaked by “serpent of fire” – it’s an old reference to healing, the medical Caduceus and how Moses was instructed to help the Israelites. – I haven’t completely retired the email address quite yet!

    • haha! Glad you recognized your messy roommate!

      I have a place for a blog but haven’t gotten it started yet, but maybe I will today! I have a lot of poetry I’ve collected over the years that I’d like to organize within a blog.

    • Well, my friend – it is begun!
      “Leisure” I posted early in this process – it is totally a “Team Mary” poem! LOL!

      • Thanks for visiting my blog, Dinah! The first post, the poem “To Be of Use” is a wonderful “Team Martha” poem. I forgot to mention that! Check it out and let me know if you agree!

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