PB and I spent a week up north at a cabin on a beautiful lake. 

 It was just what the doctor ordered.  We slept in late, took naps in the afternoons, and went to bed early.  I think we were tired.  We listened to the loons and the sound of the water lapping up on the shore line.  He went fishing, I read books. 

One day we headed north to a far and distant country: the U.P.  (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)  We discovered they really do say “yous” as in, “How are yous today?”   Although the area we saw was economically depressed, it was rich in natural beauty. 


It’s pretty wild up dere in da nort woods.

Just for fun, PB and I set out to find funny signs on our little roadtrip.  These signs probably won’t strike you as being all that amusing, but we laughed our heads off.  I’m sure it had something to do with being on vacation and having no signal on our cell phones.  We thought everything was hilarious, probably because we needed to let go and laugh.  

We’re thinking about retiring someday and buying a church up by the End of the Earth. 

Yous will have to come and see us!

2 thoughts on “Restored

  1. Looking at those photos made me homesick for the north. It truly is north of the tension zone. Glad you got your needed rest and relaxation.

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