Wedding Countdown Day 18

RSPV means “répondez s’il vous plaît”,  or “please respond”.

I’ve been guilty of failing to send back those little response cards that come in wedding invitations.  I’m so sorry.  It does put the hosts in an awkward position.  Do you call, text, or email, “So are you coming or not?!”  But then, maybe the invitation got lost in the mail because the zip code was wrong on the envelope and it’s sitting in a post office somewhere, languishing.  I made a list of over 50 invitees who are keeping us guessing.  That could put us off by 100 meatballs.  That’s 50 cake balls I don’t need to dip. 

I read again the story Jesus told in Matthew 22 about the father who was putting on a wedding banquet for his son.  Except nobody came.  He sent out servants to let the guests know it was party time, but they gave all kinds of excuses why they couldn’t attend.  One bought a field (won’t it still be there tomorrow?), another bought a cow (come on, really? a cow?) and a third had just gotten married himself (I’ll buy that one).  So, the father brought in beggars off the street to fill the reception hall. 

The invitation is out there.  God has sent it.  He’s waiting for our RSVP.  Please, come.

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