Wedding Countdown Day 25

As I was facing another round of cake balls tonight, I thought it was high time to call in the recruits.  After all, there are able bodied people in this house besides me and PB.  At least they tend to show up at meal times.  It was time for the boys to begin to invest in this blessed family event, and not just by writing “help” on the bottom of their new brother-in-law’s shoes.  Besides, these boys are baseball players.  This was right up their alley.  It took a little doing, but I managed to pull them away from their video game, ESPN and smart phones (all at once, no less).  I’m a seasoned mom; I can still handle my 25 and 20 year old sons. 


First, I made them wash their hands.  They are boys.  No further explanation needed.

Then they listened intently as I demonstrated the art of rolling cake balls.

They won’t admit it, but it was kinda fun. 

They were pretty proud of their first ever cake balls.

It’s a good thing they are so darn good lookin’.  It’s saved them many times.

Here’s the sum total of their contribution: 4 cake balls.  Thanks, guys.

Make no mistake: they are manly men who would rather swing a hammer and….tape something with electricians tape…I guess.  Now, out of my kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown Day 25

  1. I just love their sense of humor!! I love your daily updates on the wedding!! And congrats on becoming a grandma!!

  2. Your young men are pretty funny and, yes, they ARE good looking! Great post. Thanks for the chuckle.
    Being Grandparents is a whole new wonderful world.I believe these were some of the best days of my life when they were small and visited. I still enjoy them as adults but babies are so fun!!!! Congratulations.

  3. Lol!!! This left me in stitches.

    Also… like Sam would know what to do with a hammer or electricians tape (sarcasm) 😉

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