Reading the Obits

Last week, my dad’s obituary was in the State Journal.  I’ve never paid much attention to that part of the paper.  But when my loved one’s smiling face was on the newsprint followed by several paragraphs that summarized his life, it made me pause and soak up every word.  On that particular day, there were maybe fifteen other obituaries listed.  I read every word of every one, just out of respect.  They were real lives, after all; they were all people who had loved and worked and struggled and celebrated.  The few paragraphs allotted to them couldn’t contain their entire stories, but the words gave a glimpse into the lives they lived.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone’s story deserves recognition.

I am reading the obits every day now.  And at the end of each one I say, “Thanks, Lord, for this person you created.  Good job.”

One thought on “Reading the Obits

  1. What a journey life is-I am glad mine crossed paths with you. Today I will think about you said and leave a lasting imprint on someone new I meet.

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