There’s been a lot of crud going around: sore throats, headaches, stomach flu.  Unfortunately, my office computer caught a virus, too.  This morning my screen flashed a big red warning that I was under attack.  I was a little suspicious when I saw “Your’re at great risk!!!”  Your’re?  I’m no computer wiz, but I am a pretty good speller. 

A kind soul came to my rescue and spent several hours trying to undo the damage.  The kind soul promised to come back again tomorrow to continue the battle against the demon in my pc.  I asked my friend where these virus’s come from.  Evidently my eyes glazed over as the explanation became technical, so he simply said, “There are people on the other side of the world sitting in dark rooms coming up with ways to infect your computer.” 

Huh.  People in some foreign country are sitting in windowless rooms driven by the goal to frustrate a 51-year-old Christian Education Director at a church in a small midwestern town?  I’m not that important, really. All I want to do is download the Sunday school curriculum and print out a sign up sheet for VBS.  Not exactly earth shattering stuff here. 

I feel a headache coming on…..must be the virus.

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